Your advantage

Take the opportunity to find where you stand in comparison to the competition – it’s free, anonymous and definitely worthwhile!

Recognize your own potential

As a competitor, you will receive an individual and detailed written evaluation of your company.

The answers you give to the questionnaire are entered into a standardized performance indicator system. Your personal evaluation highlights your strengths and shows where there is room for improvement; you will also be given the means to make decisions based on performance indicators, both in technological and organizational matters.

Crucially, you will find out where you stand in relationship to your competitors.

Show yourself!

The winner and finalists are permitted to use the EiP "seal of approval" on their company stationery and website in order to promote their achievements and standing within the industry. The finalists will also receive a certificate.

The overall winner of the "Excellence in Production" competition is awarded the title "Tool-Maker of the Year" in front of the industry experts, representatives of the press and an audience of around 250. The company is also presented with a trophy as a visible sign to customers and employees of their achievement.

The competition has been written about in numerous technical publications such as the VDI nachrichten, werkzeug&formenbau and other journals from the very beginning. The journalists report about the process, the finalists and the overall competition winner.